Poly Ironite Ceramic Cementitious (PICC) –
It consists of Nicomix, a blend of ceramic ironite with same polymers which is mixed with 53-grade cement and water.
This is a self-curing mortar. It ensures low porosity (less than 1%), high compressive strength, high abrasion resistance and excellent bond with any surface like concrete, stone, metal, PVC etc.
Prime constituents of this mortar namely Ironite Ceramic, which is manufactured from mineral sand and mineral material which is a natural inorganic component in its most stable form. This technology has excellent UV.
PICC product covers the following application areas

Industrial/Port flooring For any kind of industries, Plants and Ports

Parking Floorings For multi-storey parking area, both open and covered parking in malls, multiplexes,
residential, commercial complex etc.

Sports Floor For basketball, tennis court, volleyball, badminton etc.

Port Terminal Berth, Airport Terminal Flooring

Footpath and Potholes

Warehouse Flooring, Floor topping